Friday, January 9, 2009

task task task task

My head is about to off blast
I need to get out,and fast.
Will my feet fail me or last?
I will find out,when its the past.

Shall I smile into your empty face?
Or shall i blind my self with disgrace.
Cant really tell or feel my hands
Coke or Lemonade,it depends.

More like ,shaveing my eyes
And filling my careless smiles.
If there is a brith light
then i surley will not wait.

I cant let you feel that breez
the stunning of thousand bees.
Coverd with your arms,I freez.
I wear shirt with short sleevs.

Electronical Messages and Info
Careless mind ,you'll die into.
Have you seen my shifty hands?
"And another",She demands.

Destroy without hesitation
dont leave behind any suspicion.
Flee into the dark shadows
We are again,the widows.


  1. kena võib ju olla.Aga mulle tundub ta millegipäras meeletult külm ja kõle.

  2. mu arust ka külm, selline must valge pilt tekib silme ette. ;D aga ilus ka siiski..., et nagu, hästi tehtud.